WIAW: What I Ate Wednesday

I’ve been swamped with work and haven’t had much time to think about good stuff in the kitchen or shopping (but I wish)! I had a great labor day weekend at the beach and I’ve been eating some really delicious stuff lately, so I thought today would be the perfect day to share.


Cotton Candy Grapes: Holy moly! I’ve heard about these the past couple seasons, but haven’t found them in the store until this year! They taste just like Blue Cotton Candy! GUILT FREE!


Perfect Fit Protein Blueberry Pancakes: So if you take the new Perfect Fit Protein and use it in the traditional pancake recipe…IT TASTES LIKE A REAL, AMAZING PANCAKE. I’ve been obsessed. The new PFP concoction is just amazing.


My Go-To Healthy Dinner: Just quick cook up some chicken, asparagus, and quinoa. Nothing fancy, but delicious and healthy.


Oreo Donut: While at the beach my fiance was kind enough to make a donut and coffee run while I actually ran. I had this oreo donut, warm and fresh from the oven. DA BOMB! Except now I’ve been craving donuts all week…


Fruit Smoothie: I enjoy trying various mixtures of fruits in smoothies…I really enjoyed this mornings smoothie. 1 scoop PFP, 1 cup coconut water, 1 banana, 1/2 cup frozen pineapple, 1/2 cup frozen raspberries, and 5-6 ice cubes. Delicious!

Did you try any new recipes or foods this week? Let me know!

❤ L


Haul: Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale

The After Party Sale is probably one of my favorite events of the year! It’s such a rush to try and get into the site on time, grab the stuff you want, and check out as fast as you can!

This year my browser spazzed out on me and I had to wait nearly an hour for my turn to shop, but I still managed to snag some cute stuff!


Dusk Romper – I am absolutely in love with this print! Unfortunately I have tree trunk thighs that borderline meet the limits of wearing this romper in public at the moment. Lucky for me I have a wedding next summer as motivation for an all winter diet! Cookies are the devil.

IMG_7519 IMG_7520

Daphne Spaghetti Strap Trapeze dress – I knew when I ordered a trapeze dress that I would probably look like a balloon when I put it on, but I was hoping I wouldn’t. I do, but it was easily solved with a belt. This dress is so comfy and I love this print too.


Villa V-Neck Printed Maxi – this is easily my favorite Lilly dress I own. The fabric is so soft, and I love the print and the fit! I like that its a pop of color but still dark enough to wear in the late fall/early spring, or even with a cardigan in the winter if I’m daring!

That’s all for now! Short little post but I wanted to share what I got!

Did you shop the Lilly sale? Did you get what you wanted?

I hope you all have a fabulous Labor Day Weekend! I’m headed to the beach! What are you doing?

❤ L

Weekly Meal Plan

Last week I went totally on the fly with my meals…and it was awful. Our weekend was just so busy that we were too tired to meal plan and grocery shop…and that just doesn’t work out when you are trying to eat healthy!

I made sure I got my act together this week, and it I planned and prepped everything way more than I ever have!

I can’t share most of the recipes because they are for TIU Nutrition Plan members (I will star * these), but here is a peek at what I am eating this week:

Breakfast wrap: Egg whites, bell pepper, roma tomato and some Mrs. Dash in a whole grain low cal wrap with a dollop of guacamole

Perfect Fit Protein Pancakes* (this recipe is actually widely shared)

I struggle with finding a lunch that satisfies my cravings and keeps me full. I kept it simple this week and just made a whoooole bunch of Power Packed Quinoa Bowls*

Lemon Garlic Chicken* and Steamed Broccoli

Turkey burger topped with Sabra Mango Peach Salsa (so yummy!) with sauteed zucchini

Chicken with asaparagus and quinoa

Ground chicken fajita bowls – just sautee some bell peppers, onion, and jalapeno; brown some ground chicken with taco/mexican seasonings; serve in a bowl topped with salsa and guacamole (for more protein add beans/quinoa)

Chicken with Cucumber Salsa* and steam green beans

I’m sticking to fruit and green tea this week! Mostly grapes (I finally found cotton candy grapes!) apples, and bananas with Steaz zero calorie teas and Yogi green tea. I am also likely to have a couple squares of dark chocolate and a glass of wine here and there.

Planning my meals usually isn’t the problem…it’s the PREP! The past couple weeks I have found myself just NOT wanting to make dinner when I got home from work. I just wanted to lay on the couch and have the food appear in front of me. Not good! That leads to many nights of pizza and french fries. So last night I cut up all the veggies I would need for the week, trimmed the chicken, prepped my lunches, and put everything in separate bags so that I could just grab and go all week. It was a lot of work but it already paid off tonight when I just had to grab the chicken from the fridge, dump it in a baking dish, bake and eat! No cutting/prepping necessary!

What are you planning to eat this week? Are you trying any new recipes? Let me know!

❤ L

Tone It Up Tuesday!

Good Morning!

I am back in full force! My board exam is over and I can get back to real life! And with real life comes my diet and fitness plan. I have mentioned once or twice already that I go through many fitness phases and enjoy doing different things, and currently consider myself a “Tone It Up Girl” (aka TIU). In the TIU world, Tuesday is “Tone It Up Tuesday”, so I figured today was the perfect day to share my experience with TIU and introduce you to K&K if you have never come across them before.

Tone It Up was started by Karena and Katrina, two fitness lovers in California. They have extensive fitness and training backgrounds, and one day decided to start posting fitness videos on Youtube. The videos became successful and now TIU is a full-fledged lifestyle program. Yes – lifestyle. That is what draws me to TIU so much. It is not a diet program. Karena and Katrina don’t tell you that you need to lose weight, and their program doesn’t promise it. Their number 1 goal is to make you feel confident and radiant, and they give you the tools to do it. The other great things about TIU is that it can be totally free of cost or you can make purchases to support the business and enhance your experience.

I could babble about this all day, so I will break my experience down into small sections to keep it concise. But, for the best and most information, go straight to the source!

Disclaimer: I am writing this post of my own accord. I am not being paid and all opinions are my own.

How did I discover TIU and when did I start?

I heard about TIU through a few classmates of mine in early 2014. I started off by doing the workouts on their website because their annual “Bikini Series” challenge was going on. I LOVED the workouts and I felt so good doing them. Once the series was over, I stopped doing the workouts so much because I got busy with school and working out fell to the side. In February 2015 I decided that I wanted to go full force and purchased the nutrition plan and 2 of their DVDs. I have been hooked ever since and have not had a break!

How much does TIU cost?

One of the best things about TIU is that it can be totally FREE if you want it to be! K&K post a weekly workout schedule every Sunday. If you follow pinterest and instagram close enough, you can get an idea of the kinds of foods that are in the nutrition plan and basically create your own eating style. If you do choose to purchase the nutrition plan, it is $150 ONE time. That’s right. No monthly fee, no annual fee. LIFETIME membership. There are different versions of the plan (regular, vegan, gluten free), but the plan basically consists of eating guidelines and recipes. Every so often (it seems like once or twice a year), they put out small updates of the plan that have some new recipes (like I said, no extra fee). The workout DVDs cost somewhere between $35-$45, I forget exactly, but to me they were well worth the money because I use them ALL THE TIME.

Ultimately, I would recommend you try out the free stuff and see how much you love it before making any purchases. It’s only worth the money if you know you will use it and love it!

What are the workouts like?

The biggest reason I have stuck to TIU is because the workouts VARY…and the girls make them fun. They have cardio routines (treadmill, elliptical, bike, yoga, HIIT) and toning routines to hit every muscle in your body. K&K create a weekly schedule so that you don’t over-train a certain part of your body, they make sure you rest your legs every now and then and focus on your arms, etc. This takes the guess work out of the routine. I just wake up and go (or click play)! In general, each day will consist of cardio (recommended in the morning) and toning (recommended in the afternoon). Workout times range from 5 to 60 minutes, depending on what you’re doing!

What is the Nutrition Plan like?

My one hassle with the nutrition plan is it is LONG! Which is a good thing because there are plenty of guidelines and variety. It does not lay out each meal, day by day (except for the Bikini Program part of it). They are guidelines of what to eat and when, and then recipes to help get you there. The recipes are marked for which meal they are appropriate for. It is all fresh, lean food. Mostly chicken and seafood, lots of fruit, veggies, and nuts. I love the plan because it is basic nutrition. It doesn’t count calories (although I still try to – and with the daily 5 meals I usually end up between 1500-1900 calories), and it focuses on fueling your body appropriately. The other thing I like is that it doesn’t deprive you. You consistently eat throughout the day, and they demand you have treats! Wine, chocolate, etc – all in moderation of course.

Do I have to follow every little thing they say to be successful?

Not at all! Although the plan spells out everything you SHOULD be doing – the first thing it says is that you have to do what’s best for YOU. If you don’t want to do the scheduled workout that day – do something else. If you have another healthy meal you want – go for it. The whole plan is just guidelines, and it encourages you to try new things and share them with the community.

Have I lost weight?

Let me put it this way – when I stick to the plan, I lose weight. When I go out and celebrate (aka almost weekly or more this summer), eat too much ice cream, or spend all afternoon snacking…I don’t lose weight. I’m getting ready to go wedding gown shopping next month so I’m at the point where I’m trying to string enough “good” days together to lose some considerable weight (like more than the 3 lbs I keep losing and putting back on). And although I haven’t exercised enough self control with food to actually lose weight, I am so much more toned. My thighs and booty have smoothed and lifted, and my arm and ab muscles are way more defined. It will be crazy to see how they look if (WHEN!) I really start sticking to the plan.

It sounds like a diet and exercise program, where does the lifestyle come in?

Like I said earlier, Karena and Katrina don’t focus on losing weight at all. They feature members who have lost weight, yes, but they also feature members who have added muscle and perhaps even gained weight because of it. They also like to focus on being happy and radiant and really LIVING your life. They constantly talk about making the most of each day and doing your best and doing what you love. They talk about challenging yourself and trying new things and living in the moment. Once you adopt that, you’re living the TIU Lifestyle. Every week in the workout schedule you will find little challenges the incorporate the TIU Lifestyle – recipes for a dessert, have a glass of wine, plan a girls night, plan a weekend getaway, take a bubble bath, wear a new color lipstick – you get the gist.

What is my favorite thing about TIU?

My favorite thing about TIU is the COMMUNITY. Karena and Katrina are very active on social media and encourage all of the members to be as well. There are forums on the website, but the instagram community is massive. So many women posting about their day and so many more liking, commenting, and supporting each other. I have met some great ladies through TIU, and have connected with many more who aren’t in my area.

There you have it! You can check out the whole TIU community at the website, on youtube, or check out #toneitup on instagram! You can follow my TIU journey on instagram @ldoltiu if you would like!

For a look at a workout, here is what I’ll be doing at the gym this morning. It may look easy because walking is involved, but the incline is KILLER!

Favorite Finds: Snacks

Hey all!

I am busy studying away for my board exam, but I just wanted to get in a quick post about some little snack items that I am just loving right now! I am a big stress eater, and am always looking for sweets when I want to relax – so all of these things are pretty sweet! Some on the healthy side, and some not!


Mercer’s Wine Ice Cream: Let’s talk about this for a moment. I saw this on pinterest like, two years ago. I was so excited I immediately went to buy it and discovered that in order to get some to your house, you had to buy minimum 6 pints and then spent about $60 for shipping. NO THANKS! I mostly forgot about it and then by some twist of fate a couple of weeks ago, I found it in a liquor store near my house. I have now had 3 flavors: Red Raspberry Chardonnay, Strawberry Sparkling (made with Moscato), and Chocolate Cabernet (my favorite, but not pictured). I personally love them all, but I will say this: first two ingredients are cream and wine. So, it actually tastes like wine. Some people I have given spoonfuls to haven’t enjoyed that. But to me that’s the whole point – TASTES LIKE WINE! Will you get drunk? Well, the most I’ve had at one time is half a pint, and no, I did not get drunk. This is coming from someone who gets tipsy off a glass and silly off of two glasses.


Boom Chicka Bites: I bought these for two reasons – I like their popcorn and they were on sale at Target. I got this Tropical Mix and the Mixed Berry, and boy do I love them! They taste like their names. There isn’t much else to say. But the good thing about them is they are made with real fruit. You can see the blueberries and the pineapple pieces. It isn’t just candied syrup. I highly recommend these if you enjoy flavored popcorn.


Bai5: THESE. I cannot say enough about these drinks. I have one almost every day. They have both sparkling and still drinks. I’ve pictured the grapefruit, but I am REALLY in love with the Tanzania Lemonade Tea. Can’t beat 10 calories for a huge, sweet, half and half. But these little 5 calorie sparkling cans are a great fizzy drink to help fill your tummy without having soda. I like them in grapefruit and pineapple (both of which are great for your belly!) I also feel like they would make good mixers for spirits, but I always drink them before I get the chance to try. The downside is they are a little pricey (like, over a dollar per can, so not THAT bad but still) .


Elli Quark: I originally heard about these through Tone It Up, and I bought them because they are TIU approved AND because of the flavors. Mint chocolate, Sea Salt Caramel, Bananas Foster, and Red Velvet. Well, those are the flavors I bought. They have reasonable flavors too. Apparently this is some form of German cheese, and they claim it is less bitter than Greek Yogurt. Personally I find them to be about equal in taste (I eat really sugary greek yogurt anyway), but the win here is that its 80 calories and more natural. Greek Yogurt, if you get the legit kind, is over 120. Any low-cal Greek Yogurt is packed with more artificial flavors and higher sugar. The annoying thing for me is that I can’t find the dessert flavors in any store near me, so I have to order them. I may put a request in at my grocery store, but I feel like that requires more effort.


Ghiradelli Cabernet Matinee (I should not need to link this for you hah): This is the dark chocolate that made me fall in love with dark chocolate. Each square is amazing, and somehow manages to satisfy all of your cravings. Trust me, I cannot ration out chocolate. I am terrible at it. But I have never sat down and eaten and entire one of these bars. I have only ever eaten 2 squares at most, and that has been enough. I also clearly have a thing for chocolate cabernet flavors. Also, if you pair this with some popcorn and a glass of wine on the night your favorite tv show comes on, you’re in for a real treat!

So those are some of my favorite treats at the moment, besides my usual snacks of fruit and protein shakes.

Have you discovered any amazing food brands or snacks lately? Let me know!

❤ L

Pineapple Coconut Mango Tequila Chicken

I have so cleverly entitled this dish after the sauce I used.

I was getting ready to make dinner last night. I had a couple of squash that my friend gave me from her garden, and I was going to roast it with some chicken and flavor everything with cinnamon and brown sugar.

That was until I decided that there wasn’t NEARLY enough squash to make a full meal for two.

I looked through my fridge and found that I had plenty of onion and green bell peppers from the Farmer’s market, so I pulled them out and added them to the baking dish. I didn’t feel that cinnamon and brown sugar were the appropriate seasonings any longer.


I bought this sauce at Giant (Stop & Shop, whatever it is near you) and we have been LOVING it as a marinade for grilled chicken. So I decided to use it as the sauce for baking. I seasoned the veggies with some pepper and Cayenne. Then I seasoned the chicken with salt  & pepper and poured this sauce on top.


I baked the entire dish together at 400 degrees for about 30 minutes, until the chicken was done.


It was spicy but it was very delicious! If I make it again I may have to actually marinate the chicken in some coconut tequila or something!

Full recipe below!

❤ L

Pineapple Coconut Mango Tequila Chicken


  • 2 Boneless, skinless chicken breasts, trimmed
  • 2 Bell Peppers
  • 1/2 Vidalia onion
  • 2 small squash (butternut or similar)
  • 1/2 tsp Cayenne pepper (optional)
  • 4-6 tbsp of Pineapple Coconut Mango Tequila sauce
  • Salt and pepper, to taste


Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Chop peppers, onion, and squash and place into baking dish. Sprinkle with pepper and Cayenne. Place chicken breasts in center of dish and season with salt and pepper. Top with Pineapple Coconut Mango Tequila sauce. Bake uncovered for 30-40 minutes until chicken is cooked through and squash is tender. Enjoy!

Fleshing It Out: Sparkle

The final aspect of this blog: the sparkle

Let’s be realistic. I am not trendy. I do not read fashion magazines. I do not have any education in style or fashion. My ability to sew is based on 7th grade Home Ec mixed in with suturing techniques from PA school.

But, my love for shopping is real. I will shop for pretty much anything and everything if you ask me to, and I will love it. A bad day can be cured by purchasing an amazing dress or a new pair of shoes.

My Sparkle posts will more than likely be things I am yearning for, or things that I come across and love but have no need for. I will certainly mix in some “Outfit of the Day’s” and alert you to purchases I make, along with reviews of items I buy.

So what are the main categories that will span across these posts? The answer: clothes, shoes, make-up, home goods, bath products, accessories, etc. You know – GIRL STUFF.

In terms of fashion: in the summer I am beach/preppy in that I love bright colors, dresses (aka Lilly Pulitzer), and things with anchors and pineapples on them. In the winter I want nothing more to stay in sweaters and scarves with leggings and boots.

I am most excited for these posts because I LOVE reading similar posts by others. I love seeing photos of items they love or have bought and seeing how clothes look on actual real people. It’s how you find the best things!

I will leave you with a pathetic sample of some outfits I have worn in the past. I am terrible at taking selfies where I am truly alone and capture a cute outfit. That will clearly have to change. Bear with me.

❤ L


I love to curl my hair when I’m feeling fancy. So if I’m wearing a nice dress you will likely find me with my hair curled. Photo #1 is from Vegas (a dress from Marshalls) and photo #2 is from a work Christmas party (dress from Macy’s)


Cue summer dresses. Photo #1 is a Lilly Pulitzer I bought off RueLaLa. Photo #2 is a dress I ADORE from Red Dress Boutique. I have yet to wear it in public. Maybe to the winery in a couple of weeks.


I am very often cold and will usually wear a sweater or jacket to restaurants. To be fair, the first photo is from my dating anniversary (which is in JANUARY). I love a good ol’ cardigan or an awesome leather jacket. The dress on the right was from Francesca’s and the cardigan from Old Navy. I believe I got the leather jacket at Marshall’s, possibly Burlington Coat Factory. And for the record, I rarely wear leopard print anymore. Nothing against it, but I don’t feel like I’m enough of a young party animal.


And lastly, an example of my winter staples. Leggings, longsleeves, a scarf, and my pup. 🙂

Fleshing It Out: Squats

Now let’s talk about Squats. Well, fitness.

My history with fitness is long and complicated. It has become more stable over the past 3 years, but I’m still figuring it out.

If you’ve been reading along, I was overweight (okay, obese, I’m just overweight now) my entire life. But I played sports, and for the most part played them very well. I was on several upper level teams, and played varsity basketball and softball almost exclusively in high school. The problem? I was never “in shape”. I couldn’t keep up with the other girls in terms of endurance. So while my abilities put me at the level I was, my physical fitness hindered me. I quit playing soccer because I was a goalie and saw no reason for me to have to do all of the running drills. Soccer practice was something I dreaded and it just wasn’t fun. So that was it. Something that stuck with me from soccer in high school was the coach made us run for 20 minutes every day during pre-season. I remember that 20 minutes seeming like 200, and I never could actually run the whole time. I always ended up walking.

Fast forward to college. I went to a Division 1 school, and while I was good at sports, I wasn’t that good. Besides, I didn’t even WANT to play sports in college. Number 1, I was going for pre-med at the time and wanted to focus on studies. Number 2, I DID NOT WANT TO RUN ANYMORE. Straight up. I was terrified of all of the running I would have to do if I played a sport in college. So I didn’t. And outside of sports, I didn’t know what working out was. I was always told what to do by coaches and trainers. I was clueless on how to do it by myself. So with the exception of a few visits to the gym with friends, I did pretty much nothing unless I was walking around campus. Enter the freshman 15 (and for me, the freshman 40-50) and my weight just got even more out of control.

Then, as I believe I’ve mentioned, I woke up one morning in January 2011 and decided I wanted to give one of my Christmas gifts a try. Mom had given me a Wii, a Wii balance board, and a game – “The Biggest Loser” (subtle, right?). Well, on that fateful morning in January, for whatever reason, I wanted to try to lose weight. I was tired of being fat. I’d been on diets before, sure. I would make efforts at eating healthier and try to work out, but nothing stuck. It had been a life-long battle. I think what was most different about January 2011 was that I literally expected nothing to happen. I didn’t go into it with high hopes. I just thought, “Let’s see what this game is about, and if I’m lucky I’ll lose 10 lbs”.

Guess what? I freakin’ loved that game. I craved it. It was a competitor’s dream. You could literally watch your progress on the screen. 2 months and 20 lbs later (WHAT?! I LOST MORE THAN 10 LBS WITH THE GAME?!) I decided I wanted something different. Spring was approaching and my yearly itch to get outside and do something was strong. The Biggest Loser game was all circuit training in my bedroom. Squats, pushups, lunges, high knees, jogging in place, whatever. I wanted to do something outside the bedroom. So I went to the gym in my apartment complex and got on the treadmill. I ran at a whopping 5.0 mph for 8 minutes before I had to walk. Oddly enough, this didn’t frustrate me. I made treadmill attempts a couple times a week until one day I wanted to run outside. I was so excited I tripped and fell within my first 50 steps. Classy.

The running continued through the spring. I got faster. I went further. I also complemented it with this amazing Boxing class at the gym. I went with my best friend and we put on boxing gloves and pads and punched and kicked each other and it was great. I discovered a path behind my apartment complex that I could run on. Out and back was 3 miles, and I made it my MISSION to run the whole thing. I don’t think I had ever run 3 straight miles until that point. EVER. Even during my sports training days, 2 miles was a big accomplishment. And by the end of April, I had done it. At the end of May I ran my first official 5k in about 35 minutes. Solid. I ran that same 5k in 28 minutes the following year.

I graduated college just above the weight I entered it 4 years prior. I felt alive and fresh and it was unlike anything I had ever done before. I can’t even tell you what other workouts I was doing, but mostly I was running. I had my eye on another prize. In September, when I was pretty sure I could handle it, I signed up for the Disney Princess Half-Marathon. Un-freakin-believable.

Long story short, I had a stomach virus 2 days before the half-marathon, so the only energy sources I really had in terms of food were the hot dog I managed to eat the night before along with a bagel and banana before the race. After throwing up constantly for 24 hours I had no hopes for the race, I just wanted to finish. I had fun trotting along and taking pictures with the characters. I finished in about 2:45. Case in point: I FINISHED. And I did jog most of the route. The girl who hadn’t run more than 3 miles in her life before April 2011, who was 260-something pounds in January 2011, finished a half-marathon in February 2012 at 180-something pounds. Those are two totally different girls.

I’ve now finished 4 half-marathons, my most recent one I finished in under 2 hours. I go to spin class. I dabble with yoga from time to time (I hate it but want to love it). I still run. I hit the elliptical. I go to a step aerobics class here and there. I miss kickboxing but theres nothing good in my area, and nothing has compared to that class I took in college. I’ve done heavy weight lifting and light weight lifting, and there have been periods of time when I’ve done absolutely nothing (yeah, I went paleo for 2 months and could never muster up the energy to work out).

And right now? I call myself a Tone It Up girl. The challenges and consistently changing workout schedules are perfect for my fitness ADD, plus I LOVE the results I’ve gotten, even when I pig out.

I could talk about Squats for hours. And I will. But I think this gives you a pretty good background.

Do any of you have a FAVORITE fitness activity? Or are you fitness ADD like me?

❤ L

Disney Half DC Half AC Half OC Half


1. Disney Princess Half Marathon
2. Nike Women’s Half Marathon in DC
3. Atlantic City Boardwalk Half Marathon
4. Island to Island Half Marathon (Assateague to Ocean City) – Under 2 hours!

Fleshing It Out: Sugar

To get all this going, I think I’ll start by going more in depth about each aspect of the blog personality. Let’s start with sugar. I am by no means creative with my food. Mostly because I don’t have the time and money to waste in the kitchen at the moment. I would love to start experimenting with my own baked goods (especially learning to work with fondant) in the future. I have been a student up until….well, Monday. Once I get settled in the workforce and have a real income, perhaps I can start dreaming up my own cute things. But until then…PINTEREST! My Pinterest boards for food are outrageous, especially the dessert section. I always love to pull new things to try, especially when I have the opportunity to make something cute around the holidays. Below are a few things I have churned out over the past couple of years.


My own variation of this Bunny Butt Cake – I stayed up until midnight icing it and then ran 12 miles the next morning. Miserable. But it was delicious!


These Easter Egg chicks were an interesting first attempt at Deviled Eggs. Literally, I had never made Deviled eggs. I also do not eat Deviled eggs, so I don’t even know how they tasted. I was told they were good.


The Frankenstein Cupcakes I made last Halloween are by far my favorite baking experience. They were ADORABLE and delicious. Actually, Your Cup of Cake is one of my favorite blogs ever for adorable and delicious cupcakes.


Fourth of July treats – Red, White and Blue strawberries and cupcakes. Nothing too crazy but they were fun.


A Brownie Bottomed Cheesecake topped with chocolate covered strawberries was my first adventure into cheesecake making. And it was absolutely amazing. I am honestly not even sure where I pulled the recipe from because I can’t find it on my pinterest board. 😦

So that is just a small sample of some of the yumminess I have cranked out of the kitchen! If I can gather the photos and recipe links I may do some more throwbacks in the future. Mostly, I am excited to have a venue to share all of my future adventures! I have so many things I want to try!

❤ L

New Beginnings

Hello, Blogosphere!

Welcome to my new blog! Yet ANOTHER girl who wants to share her two cents on food, fitness, and fashion. I do not claim to be an expert in any of these areas (although with how much I eat, food could be a close one), but I like to talk, and I just wanted somewhere to organize my thoughts, feelings and experiences with these three categories. I love food (mostly baking, hence the sugar), I work out to counteract that love (hence the fitness), and I find any excuse to shop (fashion).

A vague story about me, which may give you a better idea of where I am coming from: I grew up overweight. I ate junk food like it was my job, especially sweets. A particular childhood friend of mine used to count the number of different ice cream varieties in our freezer every time she came over. It was her thing. I played sports my whole life, stopped when I went to college, became even MORE overweight/morbidly obese, and then decided to get my act together. I lost 80 lbs in a year, and have now successfully kept that weight off for 3 years. I still have SOME weight I ultimately want to lose, but overall I am pleased with where I am at. I still eat plenty of sweets (because I firmly am addicted to sugar), but I enjoy being fit and working out. And the best part, I now (generally) can shop anywhere and find something that works, as long as it can fit around my large and muscular thighs/booty, which is something I will always battle.

Sound interesting? Let’s hope so.

❤ L