Fleshing It Out: Sugar

To get all this going, I think I’ll start by going more in depth about each aspect of the blog personality. Let’s start with sugar. I am by no means creative with my food. Mostly because I don’t have the time and money to waste in the kitchen at the moment. I would love to start experimenting with my own baked goods (especially learning to work with fondant) in the future. I have been a student up until….well, Monday. Once I get settled in the workforce and have a real income, perhaps I can start dreaming up my own cute things. But until then…PINTEREST! My Pinterest boards for food are outrageous, especially the dessert section. I always love to pull new things to try, especially when I have the opportunity to make something cute around the holidays. Below are a few things I have churned out over the past couple of years.


My own variation of this Bunny Butt Cake – I stayed up until midnight icing it and then ran 12 miles the next morning. Miserable. But it was delicious!


These Easter Egg chicks were an interesting first attempt at Deviled Eggs. Literally, I had never made Deviled eggs. I also do not eat Deviled eggs, so I don’t even know how they tasted. I was told they were good.


The Frankenstein Cupcakes I made last Halloween are by far my favorite baking experience. They were ADORABLE and delicious. Actually, Your Cup of Cake is one of my favorite blogs ever for adorable and delicious cupcakes.


Fourth of July treats – Red, White and Blue strawberries and cupcakes. Nothing too crazy but they were fun.


A Brownie Bottomed Cheesecake topped with chocolate covered strawberries was my first adventure into cheesecake making. And it was absolutely amazing. I am honestly not even sure where I pulled the recipe from because I can’t find it on my pinterest board. 😦

So that is just a small sample of some of the yumminess I have cranked out of the kitchen! If I can gather the photos and recipe links I may do some more throwbacks in the future. Mostly, I am excited to have a venue to share all of my future adventures! I have so many things I want to try!

❤ L

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