Fleshing It Out: Sparkle

The final aspect of this blog: the sparkle

Let’s be realistic. I am not trendy. I do not read fashion magazines. I do not have any education in style or fashion. My ability to sew is based on 7th grade Home Ec mixed in with suturing techniques from PA school.

But, my love for shopping is real. I will shop for pretty much anything and everything if you ask me to, and I will love it. A bad day can be cured by purchasing an amazing dress or a new pair of shoes.

My Sparkle posts will more than likely be things I am yearning for, or things that I come across and love but have no need for. I will certainly mix in some “Outfit of the Day’s” and alert you to purchases I make, along with reviews of items I buy.

So what are the main categories that will span across these posts? The answer: clothes, shoes, make-up, home goods, bath products, accessories, etc. You know – GIRL STUFF.

In terms of fashion: in the summer I am beach/preppy in that I love bright colors, dresses (aka Lilly Pulitzer), and things with anchors and pineapples on them. In the winter I want nothing more to stay in sweaters and scarves with leggings and boots.

I am most excited for these posts because I LOVE reading similar posts by others. I love seeing photos of items they love or have bought and seeing how clothes look on actual real people. It’s how you find the best things!

I will leave you with a pathetic sample of some outfits I have worn in the past. I am terrible at taking selfies where I am truly alone and capture a cute outfit. That will clearly have to change. Bear with me.

❀ L


I love to curl my hair when I’m feeling fancy. So if I’m wearing a nice dress you will likely find me with my hair curled. Photo #1 is from Vegas (a dress from Marshalls) and photo #2 is from a work Christmas party (dress from Macy’s)


Cue summer dresses. Photo #1 is a Lilly Pulitzer I bought off RueLaLa. Photo #2 is a dress I ADORE from Red Dress Boutique. I have yet to wear it in public. Maybe to the winery in a couple of weeks.


I am very often cold and will usually wear a sweater or jacket to restaurants. To be fair, the first photo is from my dating anniversary (which is in JANUARY). I love a good ol’ cardigan or an awesome leather jacket. The dress on the right was from Francesca’s and the cardigan from Old Navy. I believe I got the leather jacket at Marshall’s, possibly Burlington Coat Factory. And for the record, I rarely wear leopard print anymore. Nothing against it, but I don’t feel like I’m enough of a young party animal.


And lastly, an example of my winter staples. Leggings, longsleeves, a scarf, and my pup. πŸ™‚


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