Hello & Welcome to Sugar, Squats, and Sparkle!

I have created this little blog here so I could fill my free time with discussing the things I enjoy most: food, fitness, and fashion. The food part mainly applies to sweets, but I will post about all the delicious food I encounter, in addition to healthy food relating to my weight-loss journey (more on that below). The fitness part will just be me talking about all of the stuff I am doing to stay in shape. The fashion part applies to anything related to shopping. ANYTHING. Things I wear, things I buy, reviews, things I want, things I just think are cool.

So more on that weight-loss journey. I was overweight my whole life, but just over 3 years ago I was the heaviest I had ever been. I lost 80-ish lbs in a year and have successfully kept that weight off. I still struggle with junk food on a nearly daily basis, but right now I am gearing up to drop another 15-20 lbs for my wedding (and finally reach my ultimate goal weight!).

A little more about me: I am a physician assistant and I live in Maryland with my fiance and our dog. We bought a house in May 2015 and it is a constant project that I am loving every minute of. We are getting married in July 2016! So exciting! Besides shopping and cupcakes, I love almost any outdoor activity (especially if it is related to the beach/water), sleeping, going out to a nice dinner, wine and cocktails, pumpkin (it’s the only good thing about fall besides my birthday), Christmas (the only good thing about winter), crafts (it varies depending on my mood), sitting by the pool, country & good dance music, and I will sit down and read a Harry Potter book or watch Gilmore Girls any day, any time.

I’m super friendly and love to chat – so please follow along and interact with me in the comments! I love hearing from you all!

❤ L

30932_911528871728_501382_n DSCN0031

Summer 2011 vs December 2013

Lindsay Ross Engaement-7106

My fiance and our dog, Xander.


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